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Q-Dees Goes Green

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It was certainly not an ordinary day in school as the children gathered in the school foyer dressed in various shades of green while parents brought in old items to be given away. Puan Junaidah Johari, principal of Q-dess Manjalara in Kepong had declared the day as'Green Day' as part of the Centre’s effort to cultivate a green habit amongst their children.

The children began their day with singing the Q-dees song, and this was followed by Puan Junaidah sharing with the children and teachers about the 3R concept – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
In line with structure of Q-dees Fliptec@Q™ programme, Puan Junaidah used a combination of song, visual aids and a story about recycling empty canned drinks to help relay the message effectively to the young vibrant bunch. She also took this time to commend the children and parents who were present for bringing items to be recycled or to be given away to charity organisations.
“From now on, we will have recycling bins in our school, so everyone is welcome to bring items to be placed in the bins, or be given away. I want to thank all of you and your parents for bringing so many items to be recycled and donated to charity homes!,” said Puan Junaidah excitedly.
Following that, the children adjourned to their respective classes for a time of interactive activities and arts and craft centred on the message of recycling. Some of the younger children went around the school compound picking up rubbish and watered the plants, while the older children made various crafts from discarded items.
Class En-Newton used plastic food containers and plastic bottles to make little baskets decorated with ‘fruit foam net’ and ribbons that can be used to hold fruits or potpourri. Class En-Baird On the other hand, used old magazines to make a paper pot and a paper bead necklace, whilst Class En-Owens made flower petals and attached them to drinking straws to make stalks of flowers.
Q-Dees students with some of the arts & craft pieces that they made.
Class teacher, Mrs Bavani Kanapatee taught her students to use recycled paper to create posters with the 3R message whilst using plastic egg trays as pallets for their paint. “There are many creative things that can be made from discarded household items. Instead of throwing them away, parents can give them to children and encourage them to create other things from them. It is a perfect opportunity to help nurture their young creative and innovative minds,” said Mrs Bavani, who is also a mother of two.
The little ones displaying their 3R messages.
A former TV station script writer/Production Manager turned educationist, Puan Junaidah is passionate about childcare development and education. She strongly believes that the role of an educationist is not just to teach children to read and write, but also to also instil a moral and civic consciousness in them, which is parallel with Q-dees’ focus as well.
“Young children are sensitive to their surroundings, and therefore learn and pick up habits very easily. So whilst the concept of conservation may be difficult for their young minds to understand, it is never too early to inculcate and develop good habits in them,” added Puan Junaidah.
In addition, the children also enjoyed a variety of ‘green’ snacks made by the teachers or brought by parents such as green bean soup, green jelly, green apples, green grapes, green cake and green Vitagen. Aligned with the environmental theme, some of the teachers served the snacks on plates made from banana leaves!
Soon, it was time for the children to go home. Armed with their craft, they eagerly made their way towards their parents to tell them what they have just learned. Nur Amani filled the basket she made with green fruits to give her mom. Mrs Ivy Yong who was present to pick up her two daughters commended Q-dees for taking the initiative to teach the children about being ‘green’ and coupled with their efforts to have recycling bins in the school, it reinforces what the children are learning and encourages them to put it into practice.
Residents living in the Manjalara area keen on donating things for recycling and charity can contact the Q-dees Manajalara directly. For more information about Q-dees and their innovative Fliptec@Q™ programme, please log into their website at .
About Q-Dees Edusystem Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd (Q-dees)
Q-dees, which was set up by a group of educationists in 1990 operates more than 100 centres across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and caters to almost 100,000 children of varied ethnic backgrounds. Their aim is to provide a holistic and conducive learning environment which will provide children with a strong foundation in their academic needs through uniquely designed programmes such as Fliptec@QTM and Beamind. For more information about Q-dees and their programmes, please visit .



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